The Art of Being Broken (June 2015)

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What if everything isn’t fine?
What if there is life outside of our shells?
What if there is beauty underneath our masks?
What if there is healing beyond our brokenness?
What if we could see the image of God in ourselves?
What if God’s best art is made from our broken pieces?

In The Art of Being Broken, Aaron Mark Reimer opens up an authentic, sometimes awkward, occasionally hilarious, one-way conversation about our brokenness, the things we use to cover it, and the healing that can come through exposing it.

 The Art of Being Broken Discussion Guide

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Worshipping Through John:
A Devotional for Praise Teams (May 2014)

WTJ Front Cover small

Worshipping Through John is a 52 session devotional designed to walk praise teams, together or as individuals, through the full Gospel of John. Each session includes a reading, focus verse, devotion related to issues faced in contemporary worship, and two discussion questions to delve into. In the course of this journey, teams will grow together as they pursue God’s will for worship in their local congregation, exploring issues of head and heart, team dynamics, practice, environment, performance, individual and corporate worship, personal faith, and more! If you are looking to develop a deeper and more vibrant worship ministry, whatever your context, Worshipping Through John is a fantastic tool to help.

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