Monthly Archives: July 2015

Nothing and Stuff

I know there’s not a ton of people eagerly anticipating posts. On the other hand, there is a person or two that runs across this blog every day. In either case, there hasn’t been anything posted recently and likely won’t for at least another month. It’s not because I have nothing I want to write about, I just don’t have time. I started work at a new church, and when I’m not focusing there, I’m working on renovating a house in that community so that we can move there at the end of August. It’s a lot of hours, and hasn’t left any room for writing. It’s not really in the “scope” of this blog, but I’m lousy at keeping on topic, so I’ll post some pictures and a “renovation story” when we’re done. Then lots of people will find it on Google or Hometalk or whatever and be surprised by a completely irrelevant back catalog of posts! HA!

In case anyone is interested, TAOBB continues to be the best book that no one is buying. I’m discouraged. Life goes on. I’m going to go make stuff different by hitting stuff with other stuff in a house.

Good day.