I’m tired.  I don’t have much to say, which is a strange reason to post on a blog that’s not just inactive but hasn’t seen tangible activity since its creation.  People aren’t reading it, but someday they might, and on that day they will see that it had not one, but two posts that had no discernible purpose.

I got over to wordpress again today because another friend has started a blog.  The Day I Met You hasn’t been active (hopefully Andrew will post again someday), but a positively inspirational gentleman by the name of Mikey Fisher has begun to chronicle his journey with cancer.  If I recall correctly, it started a couple years before he should have been dead.  He’s not dead, and that’s very cool.  He’s got a young wife, and a young son, a battle with a terrible disease, and a vibrant faith.  It shines here, on This is Awareness.

It turns out that this is a good place to write about Mikey, because he’s being Broken.  I met Mikey about 10 years ago, at Emmanuel Bible College.  He wasn’t Broken then, but he needed to be.  We all needed to be, I guess… we’ve all changed as life [and God] has worked its calloused hands and broken fingernails in our hearts.  Mikey’s faith was not vibrant.  It was somewhat hesitant, searching, but holding hard onto Solid Ground.  Mike has very little Solid Ground now.  Where the earth of his life ended, faith has begun.  Well, not begun, really, because it began a long time ago, but it’s changed in such a way as to be New.  That’s my outsider’s perspective anyway.

He was gone on a musical missions trip (did I mention he’s a ridiculous [so good you want to kick him in the crotch] musician?) when it all came to a head.  That means that I don’t know what was going on in his heart and mind at that point, because he was far away and we weren’t keeping in touch even before that since I’d moved to another city.  God’s been working on him for a long time.  The spiritual growth may have been slow, but I saw it like a God bomb dropped on his life when I joined already in progress and reconnected.  Since his diagnosis, I’ve watched the growth of a humble, spiritual man, willing to take direction, letting go of the Unimportant, as the Essential grows in clarity.

Mikey is leaving himself behind.  Broken pieces of himself are falling away, and the core is shiny.   The doctors told him he’d be dead last year.  That would have been a shame, because his world wouldn’t be witnessing his incredible metamorphosis.  It’s also amazing, because if he hadn’t had that news, his world wouldn’t be witnessing his incredible metamorphosis.  He’s taken being Broken and making it Good, just as God intends for us to do.  I pray that he’ll hold on another year, because we could all do worse than to have a chance to follow the path he’s blazing.

Story posted without permission.  He can handle it.


About Aaron Mark Reimer

Aaron Mark Reimer was born in 1980 on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and his parents promptly moved him west to Ontario. He is a pastor, a writer, a speaker, a musician, and a bit of a geek. Published works include The Art of Being Broken, Worshipping Through John: A Devotional For Praise Teams, and a short story about going to Jupiter with his dad that he wrote when he was seven. He has one wife (Vanessa), two sons (Dúnadan and Taliesin), and many cats. Follow him on Twitter as @IAmAnErrorMaker

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  1. Yeah man. I can dig it. I actually appreciate the outside perspective, it helps for me to see this whole thing through someone elses eyes. thanks for this bro.

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